Why Seek Counseling?

There are times when we all have to deal with anxiety, depression, anger, work pressures, stress, interpersonal and marital conflicts, or child and family problems. When these challenges to your self-esteem and happiness overwhelm your natural coping resources and exhaust your emotional support networks, you or someone you care about may need to consult a New York State licensed psychologist.

Seeking help can be challenging. The best way to prepare yourself is by becoming aware of what is involved in the process of counseling. Counseling is a collaborative process which often presents you with the opportunity to make changes in your life. It is also an educational experience which allows you to learn new techniques to help you cope with life's difficulties. You will be encouraged to learn about the process of counseling and about the local resources that are available to assist you. Various links are provided on this site to assist you in educating yourself about the process of counseling and to enable you to make good decisions about how to seek help.


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